About the developer


I am a runner just like you and also happen to be a software developer. One day after an interval training session with friends we were mentally calculating our pace after having run 800 meter intervals in around 2 minutes and 45 seconds. Umm.. 165 seconds for 800 meters, divide by 4 to get the time for 200 meters (41 seconds), multiply by 5 (205 seconds), convert back to minutes (3'25" per km). Whew.. All this is too much for the brain after a hard series of intervals.

I thought it would be neat to have a program for the iPhone that did this. Some programs were available but I wanted more. I started to design the program how I would like it. As I started on a simple version and began to use it I realized how I could make it intuitive for a runner.

The initial development caused me to pose all sorts of questions which I knew the program could answer easily.

  • How long would it take me to run a 10K at the same pace?
  • If I could do a whole marathon at this pace (I wish!!!) how long would it take me?
  • Ok, I'll never do a marathon at this pace, but perhaps if I add 40 seconds to the pace, how much time would it take to complete it?
  • Now, how about if I had competed in the NY Marathon this year with that adjusted pace, what position would I end up?
  • I like Ironman's. How would that pace stack up in an Ironman?
  • How do Ironman marathon times compare to straight marathon times?

You get it.

I wanted to do all of this but make it easy to use. I hope I got it right.
Let me know. I'm jon@pacecalc.info. Thanks for giving "Runner's Pace Calc" a try.